Lemuria - the Land of the Golden Light
by Dietrich von Oppeln-Bronikowski
Please note: The book is not yet professionally translated into english

Summary of the Chapters


Chapter 1 The Birth of Mankind

Talks about how the Earth as the eyeball of the goddess and beautifully made, was soon invaded by alien civilizations in order to refresh their biomaterials and DNA structure. Mutations on Earth were created and experiments with primates were done. These manipulation of DNA created enormous pain for those "animals" and for the Earth. And they were crying out for help.


Chapter 2 The Help of the Stellar Beings

The cries were heard especially by beings, whose home were the Plejadiens and Sirius. They had watched the Earth and all, what had happened there - and they were moved by compassion. With their consciousness, their soul and their spirit some of them descended to the Earth and entered those primates, which were not yet manipulated, in order to prevent future damage. Also souls from Orion were decending. The chapter also talks about the character these beings had and still have. This was the creation of consciousness in the "ape" - an event evolutionists never could explain.


Chapter 3 The Birth of Lemuria

After the Sirians, the Plejadians and the Orions had found and entered their human bodies, they moved away from the Earth on big "arches" which were actually spaceships. They took samples of animals with them. As they lingered and waited in astral realms, the goddess swept the Earth with cataclysmic catastrophies, in order to clean her from the alien debris and the mutated creatures -after she had closed the vortex of Sirius, which were the usual "autopilot" for aliens. After the cleansing was over the goddess created Lemuria "out of the mist of imagination" and offered it to the inhabitants of the spaceships - so most of them descended to Lemuria - some to other places of the planet.




Chapter 4 Time and Space

When was Lemuria and where was it located?


Chapter 5 The Form of Lemuria

How did the island of Lemuria look like? Which were its parts, what did people do there. Where was the "Magic Valley" with the crystal cities - and what took place there.


Chapter 6 The People of Lemuria

How did the people of Lemuria look like. What was their beauty and specific differences in their biology, psychic energy and spirit. Talks about the elders, the wise men and women, the families and the children.


Chapter 7 The Lemurian Philosophy of Life

Talks about the relationship between God and the Lemurians, the way the villages and families lived together in their respect of one another and the devine guidance. Lemurians saw everything as "doorways" and used them as a source of power, insight and prayer.


Chapter 8 Mama-Ahanah, the Holy Spirit of Lemuria

Mama-Ahanah is the spirit, which embraces everything. With her the goddess dreams her dreams. Mama-Ahanah fills Akshah, the Master crystal of the Magic Valley, with her power.


Chapter 9 The General Life in Lemuria

Where did the Lemurians live - the way they built their houses and gardens? How did they make their livelihood? How did the different people in the different areas live? What were their main ways of communication? What plants did they use and how did they use them (for instance the use of hemp, which was called "the friend of mankind"). What were their common spiritual practices.

Chapter 10 Birth

The grand event birth - how was it celebrated? How did the mother give birth, how was she supported by her husband and by the other members of family and neighbours? What was the spiritual meaning of birth as the first ritual of the soul?


Chapter 11 Death

Lemurians died consciously, as a choice. The celebration of "death" was the last ritual of the soul, full of joy and wonder. The chapter concludes with a great ballade of the death of "Lajumar" the wise woman.


Chapter 12 Sexuality and Partnership

The way sexuality was seen and experienced in Lemuria was different from the ways most of us are living and experiencing it today. So it was with relationships and partnership. They experienced "Aluah", the complete melting with eachother.


Chapter 13 The Purity of Heart

Nothing was more holy in Lemuria but the purity of heart.
If somebody was out of line, everybody was concerned, and all worked together in order to help the one, to regain purity.


Chapter 14 The children of Lemuria

It is about the magical children of Lemuria -their laughter, their joy, their beauty and their power. It is about their relationships to nature spirits, and what they meant in the Lemurian society.


Chapter 15 Eating and Drinking

In Lemuria eating and drinking was a way of communicatiing with nature. Each plant had a symbol, and cooking was a combination of symbols and magnetic energies. The chapter talks about what parts of a plant were eaten and in which ways Lemurians were eating animals, if at all. It talks about the importance and the many forms of water.


Chapter 16 Elfs, Dwarfs and Fairies

They had very specific functions and lifes on Lemuria. They were the friends of the people and shared mutual benefits. Fairies had the role to accompany the life of children, elfs were the messengers of the goddess, and dwarfs were wonderful in their humour and their crafts.


Chapter 17 The Festivals

The biggest events in Lemuria were the equinox and solstice festivals, were Lemurians gathered in great social events of singing, dancing, being with the goddess and celebrating the change of the season. On the festivals also the wizzards were choosing the young people who would become apprentices in the Crystal Cities, the universities of light, in the Magic Valley.


Chapter 18 The Holy Path of Knowledge

On the festivals young people were found by their teachers and brought to the crystal cities. It was a long journey going there, because the magic valley was surrounded by huge mountains. On arriving at these high pillars of obsidian stone, on which these crystal cities were built, the apprentice even had to learn how to teleport him- or herself up to the city. The chapter talks about Pakja, a young man who was fetched on a festival by Shiwajah his teacher, and their journey to Maja-Kamesh, the city of the visionaries.


Chapter 19 Elders, Wise and Wizzards

Every village had its elders and wise men and women. They were highly respected because they knew everything about the course of life. The chapter explains the different tasks of the wizzards of the crystal cities and what those crystal cities were.


Chapter 20 Akshah and the Birth of the Cities of Light

Akshah was the huge Master Crystal of Lemuria, residing in the city of dreamers and dreamweavers. He/she had enourmous power and recorded every knowledge of the universe. The chapter talks about how this crystal weighing 77 000 tons was brought into the middle of the Magic Valley and what thousands of Lemurians did, in order that there was an vulcanic erruption, which created those 33 pillars with the crystal cities and Akshah in their midst.


Chapter 21 The language

At the beginning and throughout the time, Lemurians communicated telepathically. Language was only the additional sounds to the telepatically transmitted thought. Later there was a kind of language, where specific vowels meant specific things. Chapter talks also about the erotical perspectives of language in Lemuria.


Chapter 22 Written Language

There was not an abstract written language on Lemuria. But they had symbols, with which they communicated with each other. Written language had also to do with "writing" symbols on crystals in order to program them.


Chapter 23 The Holy Symbols

In this chapter the main symbols of Lemuria are discussed and their effect and function. It is about the magnetic force of symbols and the combination of symbols.

Chapter 24 The Mandalas

Lemurians were experts in doing mandalas and they reflected their philosophy and perception of reality. Every set of things, seen or unseen, the stars in the sky or the dishes on the dinner table were mandalas. Their power was magnetic energy which only unfolded, if things were laid right. Lemurians always strived for the "rightness" of the relation of things which each other in order to reap the benefit of the highest power and the highest truth - it may be the design of a garden, a house, an emotional relationship or the combination of herbs in a salad. Mandalas had a crucial function in rituals and were used to solve problems of all kinds.


Chapter 25 Feelings, Emotions and Mind

Feelings and mind worked in harmony. Emotions were strenghts. The senses of the Lemurians had multiple functions and worked to complete a picture of a multidimensional reality.


Chapter 26 Young and Old, Masters and Incarnations

Lemurians died at the end of a life cycle, consciously. They could choose if and when they want to reincarnate. Expert Wizzards became eventually masters who did not need zu reincarnate, but they materialised and dematerialised. They had a way to visit parallel worlds and appeared in future times. They are the walk-ins of today.


Chapter 27 The Spirit and the Ego

Ego was the vessel where the spirit resided. Lemurians never gave governing functions to the ego, therefore the ego stayed in its function as pure form and the "window" or "the minds eye". It was not allowed to be the interpreter of reality.


Chapter 28 Crystal Seers and Healers

Crystals were used as a tool to see into the essence of people, plants, animals or things. Healers had many ways to analyse the reason of sickness and to perform a healing process - through dreaming, through identification, through inner journeys, through working with crystals and energies.


Chapter 29 Ethics and Esthetics

Ethics are the esthetics of the spirit. Twelve values or attitudes were the foundation of the Lemurian "law", which was no law but an inner attitude, bound to ones personal integrity and God's integrity - and therefore so much more powerful and comitting.

Chapter 30 Numerology and Symbolics

In this chapter some numbers and mathematical formulas are given, which are moving through the patterns of the Lemurian numerology.


Chapter 31 Astrology, Planets, Phases of the Sun and Moon

Lemuria had a sophisticated astrology and elaborate communcations with planets. Planets had specific properties, which related to each other and to life on Lemuria. Day and night, the phases of the sun and the phases of the moon were experienced as resonances, which had effects on many aspects of daily life.


Chapter 32 The Initiations

There were seven initiations on Lemuria, of which one is described in this chapter. It is the ritual of puberty, which was very important for the sound growing into adulthood.


Chapter 33 Dreaming

Dreaming was a very fundamental "technique" in Lemuria, in order to move and change Reality from the "inside". In Lemuria there were also professional dreamers, who dreamt dreams for others. Dreamers worked closely with visionaries.


Chapter 34 Crystals, Crystal Knowledge and Crystal wizzards

Crystals, gems and stones were used in a huge variety of tasks and functions. They could be programmed in any possible way and were used in the way, we use electronic devices in our days.


Chapter 35 Visionaries

Visionaries created imaginary pictures in order to create reality. There were visions created as doors into the future.


Chapter 36 The Circle of Life

As birth and death so were eating, drinking and matabolism circles of life Lemurians enjoyed very much. Urin was a holy liquid. All parts of the body were evaluated as equal beautiful and worth to be loved and sanctified.


Chapter 37 Art and Music

Art and music were integral parts of the lemurian way of life - they were seen as something creating energy and resonance and they were closely connected to chakras. Above the places where festivals took place were those huge crystal organs, which were played to bring people into the resonance were they could meet God/Goddess/All that is.


Chapter 38 Farewell to Lemuria

This chapter talks about the last days of Lemuria, before it was taken up. It talks about the day of decision, on which every Lemurian had to choose, if he or her wants to stay and to be taken up, or to leave Lemuria and go to Atlantis and other countries.


Chapter 39 Going to Atlantis

On the day after the day of decision, those who wanted to reincarnate in other civilizations left Lemuria through a time door and they entered the Land Mu. From there many of them went to Atlantis or to other parts of the country.





Chapter 40 Reflections of the Author

Reflections about the concept of the "endtimes", related to Lemuria.


Chapter 41 The New Lemuria

The New Lemuria, the resonance of Lemuria in respect of the history of mankind since then, helps mankind to perform the quantum leap it needs to perform in order to meet the rise of energy of Truth on Planet Earth. This energy is responsible for the earth changes with their floods, earthquakes and other expressions of passion, but is also responsible for the reconciliation of nature and new solutions and resolutions we are so desperately need to find.


Chapter 42 Messages of the Lemurians for us

This talks about the ways people already have moved in the lemurian way on the Earth. There is encouragement for all of those who want to retrieve their spiritual power from Lemuria and go ahead with it into the spirit of the New Lemuria and the New Atlantis, which will bring forth the new Millennium.



A lemurian water recipe: rose quartz water. How it is done.

A lemurian cooking recipe. Fennel à la Magic Valley.
How it is prepared.